Prez Dee set to releases his single Friday January 19th. 2024 “Brady”

A southern soul brass trap beat that’s gives a great introduction to Prez Dee who viciously handles the assembly like the conductor.

Prez Dee is an artist out of the Mississippi Delta, a small place called Rolling Fork. Who now resides in the city of Nashville. Now signed to The Delta Ca Records. The whole world is gonna hear his story and his sound. Today we ask

So when did you first get into doing music?
At the age of 5yrs old.

What’s your favorite style of music?
Rap/Hip Hop

Do you like to record or perform?
I love doing both.

Where do you see Prez Dee 5 years from now on the music scene?
I see myself more established and networking with the best.

What can we expect with your style of music?
You can expect a whole lot of versatility in my music.

With his single “Brady” scheduled to drop January 19th. From the sounds of it, Prez Dee is an artist that’s going to bring great music for a long time. It seems a new era has been dawning in rap music and Prez Dee is in that shine.

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