Rock Paradise California’s Notable Crystal Store Celebrates Earth’s Gems

Rock Paradise, co-founded by the dynamic duo Simona VanVliet and Jason, stands as a beacon of achievement in the crystal business. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles, California, in Canoga Park, this extraordinary store tantalizes locals with natural earth stones sourced from across the globe.

Simona VanVliet, a perennial top seller on Etsy, embarked on this remarkable journey with sheer entrepreneurial zeal. Initially starting with an online jewelry store named Jewelry Paradise, Simona, alongside her husband Jason, later ventured into the creation of Rock Paradise. Their sprawling 128-foot retail haven at 21828 Sherman Way, Canoga Park, CA 91303, United States, beckons all crystal enthusiasts. Within its walls, Rock Paradise proudly displays exquisite gem art, jewelry supplies, and a myriad of captivating discoveries.

What sets Rock Paradise apart is their unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing. Simona and Jason personally traverse mines and factories worldwide, ensuring their products are sourced responsibly. Recently lauded in publications like The New Republic and BBC, Simona’s dedication shines brightly. She collaborates with environmentally conscious companies, emphasizing the importance of ethical practices from mining to the final polish. Their products not only adhere to legal standards but also empower small communities, transforming lives in low-income neighborhoods.

Rock Paradise’s journey spans the globe, with the team tirelessly seeking Earth’s natural wonders. From captivating stones and crystals to artistic treasures and home goods, Rock Paradise curates an enchanting selection. Born as a sibling venture to Jewelers Paradise, Rock Paradise emerged due to the high demand for the raw stones used in their jewelry. These stones became a part of their product line, inviting everyone to create their magical designs.

This distinguished crystal store boasts an exclusive group of skilled artisans in Brazil, renowned for their craftsmanship. With some of the world’s finest stone cutters under their wing, Rock Paradise crafts an array of natural stone products and original designs. Their influence extends to factories in India and Uruguay, exclusively dedicated to producing their craft supplies, jewelry, and home décor. If you seek uniqueness or wish to create private label designs, Rock Paradise stands ready to cater to your desires.

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