Accompanying the Existence of Musicians in the Music Industry with Recoods

Perlu Agency (PT Perlu Agency Digital), a public relations firm specializing in building personal brands and telling stories, has a music marketing division called Recoods (@Recoods). Records assists artists in growing their fan base and audience by promoting playlists on streaming services such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music and YouTube.

Recoods is a platform where musicians can fight for their extraordinary existence, gain more followers, and judge how people view their work. Its purpose is to assist with the marketing and promotion of musicians and their work as well as digital music distribution. By being included in playlists across multiple platforms, music attracts more listeners and expands the audience, allowing it to engage with new fans. Recoods also manages all aspects of music promotion, including adding songs to specific playlists and releasing them on popular streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify, Soundcloud and several other streaming services.

As Head of Music Department, Bhisma Indira continues, “Recoods offers full support to musicians who are trying to advance in their careers or achieve their aspirations. Recoods has put together helpful material on marketing and analytics, as well as knowledge of all the tips and techniques for getting ahead in the music industry using his enthusiasm for the music industry. The marketing plan customized is one example of a useful service for those looking to advance in their work in the music industry”

Recoods collaborates with outstanding musicians and artists to publish recordings of exceptional quality that appeal to listeners across a variety of genres. Recoods provides a variety of services, such as marketing and distribution, to ensure that artists’ music reaches as many listeners as possible. Recoods also helps musicians meet authentication requirements on social media. Because of this, his works have been published in a number of important media, including Forbes, Rolling Stone, Billboard, and several other major media.

Recoods’ interest in music in a more advanced era goes hand in hand with Recoods’ current role, which in many ways becomes a bridge that allows a musician to maintain his existence in the music industry. Musicians can find a network they can trust and have the professional development they want for their music thanks to Recoods’ track record and expertise in marketing and public relations.

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