Fagbenga Faniyi aka Baba G: The Spiritualist-Turned-Influencer Behind “Irise” Liquor

Fagbenga Faniyi, widely known as Baba G, has emerged as a multifaceted figure, blending spirituality and entrepreneurship in an unexpected fusion. This globally recognized spiritualist is making waves not only for his profound spiritual insights but also for his foray into the music industry and his creation of a tantalizing elixir named “Irise,” meaning “Blessings” in Yoruba.

Baba G’s journey into the world of crafting fine liquor was catalyzed by a vivid dream that connected him to his ancestral roots. In this dream, he was visited by his forebears, Moonshiners in their own right, who imparted upon him the legacy of creating a beverage that would transcend boundaries and spread joy among all who partake. It was a calling from his lineage, urging him to share their gift of distillation with the world.

Notably, this libation has garnered attention from luminaries, including Misty Blanco, The Blaquanese Rockstar, who has extolled its delectable flavor profile. The endorsement from such a prominent figure in the music industry has further propelled “Irise” into the limelight, positioning it as a must-have beverage.

While Baba G acknowledges the roots of this creation within the “IFA” faith, a spiritual tradition prevalent in the Yoruba culture, he adamantly emphasizes that “Irise” is intended for all to savor and relish. Its origins may be rooted in a specific faith, but its essence is universal—an elixir crafted to evoke blessings and joy, irrespective of one’s background or beliefs.

Beyond the realm of spiritualism, Baba G’s venture into the liquor business represents a convergence of cultural heritage, entrepreneurial spirit, and a desire to spread happiness through a shared experience. His ambition to intertwine tradition with modernity has set him on a trajectory where spirituality meets innovation, bridging gaps between communities and fostering a sense of unity through a drink that transcends boundaries.

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