Soulangie Leeper also known as “Orisas Child”, is Leading the Way in Spiritual Services with Unmatched Excellence!

Orisas Child is a beacon in the realm of spiritual guidance, and is seen with continued commitment in delivering unparalleled services in numerology, tarot readings, past life regression, relationship readings, and a spectrum of spiritual offerings and guidance.

With an unwavering dedication to accuracy and guidance, Orisas Child stands out as a paragon in the industry, serving a diverse clientele ranging from esteemed celebrities to individuals seeking authentic insights.

Renowned for its precision and depth, Orisas Child’s services encompass a wide array of spiritual disciplines, each meticulously crafted to provide clients with clarity, direction, and profound revelations.

“Orisas Child”, with her adeptness in numerology unveils the cosmic patterns woven into each individual’s life, while their tarot readings serve as an illuminating roadmap for navigating life’s complexities.

Moreover, Orisas Child’s expertise extends to past life regression, allowing individuals to explore the intricacies of their existence beyond the present realm.

Her relationship readings offer invaluable insights into the dynamics of connections, fostering healthier and more profound relationships.

“We pride ourselves on the accuracy and authenticity of our services,” says Founder Soulangie Leeper also known as “Orisas Child”, “Our mission is to empower individuals on their spiritual journey, providing them with the tools and insights needed for personal growth and fulfillment.”

Backed by a team of seasoned practitioners and a steadfast commitment to integrity, “Orisas Child”, has garnered a clientele that spans across various spheres of influence, including esteemed personalities from the entertainment industry, renowned public figures, and seekers of truth from all walks of life.

About Orisas Child:

“Orisas Child” is a leading provider of spiritual services, offering numerology, tarot readings, past life regression, relationship readings, and an array of insightful spiritual offerings. With a commitment to accuracy, authenticity, and guidance, Orisas Child serves a diverse clientele, including celebrities and individuals seeking profound insights for personal growth and understanding.

For those in pursuit of genuine and precise spiritual guidance, Orisas Child remains the beacon of trust and excellence. To experience their unparalleled services, visit or contact Contact
(914) 233-9117

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