McMarro Family Restaurants Presents ‘Cold Brews, Classic Cars’: A Captivating Celebration of Chicano Culture

Van Nuys bore witness to an extraordinary affair on Thursday, May 18th, masterminded by Andrew Marroquin and the esteemed Marroquin family, renowned proprietors of McMarro Family Restaurants. McMarrow Family Restaurants is one of the largest Mexican American franchisees in the McDonalds system and were honored to host this momentous celebration with the local community. This splendid event, titled “Cold Brews & Classic Cars,” unfolded as a harmonious partnership between McDonald’s and local car clubs, culminating in a resplendent gathering that paid homage to the vibrant Chicano culture of Los Angeles. Distinguished artists such as Rob The Original, LGND, and Concrete graced the occasion, promising an unforgettable experience brimming with laughter, classic automobiles, and the introduction of McDonald’s newest sensation, the Cold Brew Coffee.

As the foremost Mexican-American franchisee of McDonald’s, McMarro Family Restaurants took immense pride in orchestrating an event that celebrated the thriving Chicano Culture in Los Angeles. The festivities were elevated by the collective presence of esteemed local car clubs, including the Diplomatics Car Club, Finessed Car/Bike Club, Family Empire Car Club, La Gente City of Angels, and a special acknowledgment to the indomitable Notorious Entertainment. Their distinguished participation imbued the atmosphere with an electric fervor that harmonized flawlessly with the splendid array of classic cars on display.

True to the ethos of McMarro Family Restaurants, this gathering was not solely an exhibition of admiration; it was an opportunity to give back to the community. Concrete, an esteemed local artist, played a pivotal role in the distribution of countless Happy Meals to elated children, disseminating joy and crafting indelible memories. The evening reverberated with laughter, candid moments frozen in photographs, cherished autographs, and the timeless allure of classic cars, all while the enchanting melodies of Chulita Vinyl Club provided a captivating ambiance. Van Nuys embraced the event with open arms, and McMarro Family Restaurants extends heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to an extraordinary evening.

McMarro Family Restaurants’ “Cold Brews & Classic Cars” event epitomized their unwavering commitment to community engagement and the exaltation of Los Angeles’ vibrant Chicano Culture. As one of the preeminent Mexican-American franchisees of McDonald’s, they captured the essence of a distinguished family restaurant, transcending the realm of culinary excellence to create indelible experiences for the community they proudly serve. To explore more about McMarro Family Restaurants and to stay informed about their upcoming events, please visit their official website and follow their social media. Join them in commemorating the rich heritage of Van Nuys and experience the magical ambiance that accompanies every affair curated by McMarro Family Restaurants.

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