Richard Lee: From Premier League Pitch to Business Pitch and Beyond

Upon reflection on football and its substantial global influence, it is remarkable to mention the legendary figures who have graced its stage. Among them, Richard Lee’s name shines for his on-field heroics and commendable journey beyond the field.

Kicking off his career with Watford, Richard’s mettle as a goalkeeper was clear from the get-go. For over ten years, Richard was between playing for Watford and Brentford in the Premier League. But it is said, “Every end is a new beginning,” similarly, for Richard, retirement from football was just the beginning of a series of ventures.

Diving into entrepreneurship, Richard embarked upon a business distributing baseball caps. This caught the discerning eyes of the Dragons on BBC’s “Dragons’ Den.” Impressed by Richard’s pitch, Duncan Bannatyne invested, marking a triumphant transition from football to business pitches.

However, Richard really wanted to document his journey. The result? “Graduation: Life Lessons of a Professional Footballer.” More than a recount of his football escapades, it delved deep into life’s broader lessons, resonating with readers and clinching a spot as an Amazon best-seller.

Football, however, wasn’t done with Richard, or perhaps he wasn’t done with football. He co-founded Refuel Performance Management (RPM) alongside former teammate Scott Barron. Their mission was clear: bring transparency and credibility to an industry often under scrutiny.

“Our primary goal was to earn credible success and provide an honest and transparent service to footballers we believed, from our open experiences, was lacking in the game,” as Richard shares the objective behind RPM.  

Richard’s insights are driven by a deep dive into the psychological aspect of the game, which led him to pursue a Master Practitioner qualification in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). 

“Becoming a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, writing a book on goalkeeping, playing a few hundred times in the Premier League and Championship, having a business background — it all feeds into being a goalkeeping agent and mentor,” Richard adds.

Combining his on-field experiences with his newfound knowledge, Richard brings a fresh and insightful perspective to the table. His voice resonates on platforms like “The Goalkeepers’ Union” podcast and the Fozcast.

From being a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, advocating the philosophy of kaizen, to spearheading football coaching centers in GK Icon and Tetra, Richard’s endeavors are vast and varied. His diverse portfolio is a testament to his versatility. He has launched successful ventures during and after his football career. 

He’s quite the multifaceted character, with a track record that includes a successful pitch on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and multiple appearances on talkSPORT radio. That’s how he gained media attention and a reputation for being more than a footballer.

In the ever-evolving football world, where players often fade into obscurity post-retirement, Richard Lee’s diverse contributions remain in memory. Athletes like Richard Lee prove that success is possible outside of sports. And as sports evolves, people like Richard are at the forefront. They ensure the sport isn’t just a weekend thrill but a source of lasting inspiration and positive change.

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