We are here to shed light on the latest rumour which has been surfacing around on the internet stating that Tom Holland cheated on Zendaya and she is devastated by the gesture.

Tom Holland and Zendaya are some of the most adored couples in the industry and thus they stand out as the ideal couple. Both of them has shown immensely grateful gesture for each other even before they came into a relationship.


Mentioning the fact that the couple has also been through ups and downs in time and times has always been challenging for them both.

Their chemistry in the Spider-Man instalments has been impressive where everyone has called them out to be the fan favourite.

The sources have reported over time that both of the personalities were best friends over the time and then turned out as lovers and Tom Holland also stated in his interview some years ago that his celebrity crush was Zendaya whereas there was the route which changed the direction and their new chapter in life took place.

Tom Holland cheated on Zendaya?

Also to mention the part that both of the personalities has not really kept their relationship open and has kept matters reserved over whenever it has reached a personal level. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home on the other hand has secured a big position in the box office which clearly shows that they have a huge role behind the movie’s success and the fans have expressed over their views that it has been a total delight to watch both of them together on the screens and hopes that it’s not the last where they would see them together on the screens.

The couple has also made headlines at the time and there has been a number of fan theories which has taken place over the time such as that both of them has not been happy recently in their relationship and that they are going through hurdles and obstacles over the time.

The couple also attended the famous football event named Balon D’or recently and as always served bold looks standing together but to mention that things were not looking the same as they used to


There have been some big rumours flashing on the internet stating that Tom Holland has cheated on Zendaya at the time and thus she is disappointed with the gesture and thought is also seeking ahead to get revenge over time.

This is just a rumour so far and it has not been confirmed at all but to mention that it will catch up the attention of many by the rates it is spreading out and the fans are expecting that one of the personalities might come forward to talk on this matter.

The fans on the other hand wish them luck and want the best for them whereas hoping that they would stay together and might figure things out at the time.

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