Did Patrick Rothfuss Just CONFIRMED When He is RELEASING Doors of Stone? Rumor Explained

Did Patrick Rothfuss Just CONFIRMED When He is RELEASING Doors of Stone? Rumor Explained

We are here to discuss the updates on the next book of Patrick Rothfuss in the series of “Kingkiller Chronicles” Doors of Stone.

The readers have been curiously waiting for the big title from Patrick Rothfuss and though mentioning the fact that they had to wait for a long time before coming across any big updates of the title. Finally, Doors of Stone has some big updates to mention including the publishing date and more.

Did Patrick Rothfuss Just CONFIRMED When He is RELEASING Doors of Stone? Rumor Explained

The readers are also aware of the part that the last book named “The Wise Man’s Fear” came out back in March of 2011 and though it has been almost 10 years of time and now the news for the next part is finally here.

Patrick Rothfuss talks about the release of Doors of Stone

The sources have also reported at the time that the main reason for its delay is due to the part that the Covid19 pandemic occurred and though it kept causing problems throughout.

Patrick on the other hand has always been looking forward to the big release of the book and to mention that the update about is here and the fans are all delighted on the internet and are also expressing their joys by commenting that this is all that they asked for and many more kind of comments.

Patrick also stopped writing at the time due to some different health concerns and now that he is finally making a return in the field and he is all healthy and thus looking forward to publishing the book and finally giving the audience what they have been waiting for all this time.

One of the big things to mention at the time is that there is still no date over Doors of Stone or what contents it might be holding in the book. One of the major negative points it is holding at the time is that it still does not have a particular release date and just fan theories and predictions are made at this period of time.


The sources reported at the time that the users found the book up on pre-order on the Amazon website whereas the release date was mentioned July of 2022 and there is still no news of the title. The fans might have to wait for a bit in order to come across any other major update which would basically point out the date of its release.

Now that we are running closer to the month of July, there has still not been any major update over the time and Patrick also stated over the time that he is up for the difficult task of passing the Doors of Stone but he also stated on his Twitch Live that it’s not long that the title would release.

The message for all the fans right now is to sit tight and look ahead as we keep getting closer to the release date and Patrick has promised everyone that it won’t be long before it releases.

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