Zenoe Strikes Back: New Single Emerges from Robbery and Assault Ordeal!

Rising star Zenoe just released “Ones Up,” a heartfelt song inspired by a personal experience that resonated with the artist. The song has a powerful message that encourages people to look for constructive ways to succeed instead of turning to destructive means.

“Ones Up” was influenced by a recent incident in which Zenoe’s close friend was the victim of an assault and robbery. In response, Zenoe threw all of his emotions and passion into writing a song that serves as a call to action for the community as a whole in addition to honoring his friend.

A profound message about the value of choosing morally righteous and productive paths to both financial gains and personal development is at the heart of “Ones Up.” Zenoe inspires his listeners to value perseverance, hard work, and resilience with his stirring lyrics and commanding vocals. Zenoe passionately declares in the opening, “Y’all got to start hustling; work for what you want and go flip that!” That is the only way we will respect you.”

Zenoe’s ability is more viscerally displayed in “Ones Up,” where his honest, profound verses strike a chord with the listeners. In addition to showcasing Zenoe’s skill as a lyricist, the song emphasizes his unwavering dedication to using music as a force for community empowerment.

Zenoe explains the meaning behind “Ones Up,” saying, “People work too hard to have that happen to them. I want to let the people out there know there are other ways to get money besides robbing folks.” Major streaming services are now offering the song, allowing listeners to experience Zenoe’s remarkable talent and impactful message.

Zenoe is optimistic that “Ones Up” will resonate with his listeners and start important discussions about morality, diligence, and self-worth. “With this release, I hope to truly connect with my audience and showcase a more bar-focused aspect of my work.”

Come along with Zenoe on this journey through music that transforms, and allow the powerful lyrics of “Ones Up” to motivate you to pursue greatness through morally just means.

Now available on Spotify & ITunes 


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