Riccardo Vincenzi: Illuminating Hollywood’s Future, One Frame at a Time

Vincenzi’s fascination with the world of cinematography grew from a seemingly normal experience; perceiving those around him capturing photos of their reality. His drive to create visual representations of his experiences and others built the foundation of his career. Riccardo’s passion for cinematography, which led him to Los Angeles, created a whole new possibility of growth, now working in the midst of the world’s entertainment capital. Drawing inspiration from both his Italian heritage and the dynamic energy of LA, Vincenzi’s work illuminates the landscape of two cultures, portrayed through  his cinematography to shine a different light creating a unique perspective.

Product of his success and work in Los Angeles, Riccardo Vincenzi is named co-founder of Film33 Studios, a production company he established to bring his cinematic visions to life. What started as a bold step into the unknown has now flourished into a reputable establishment producing numerous short films and compelling feature projects. As the head of an up and coming company, Vincenzi has had the opportunity to grow in his understanding in copious aspects of the film industry

Riccardo Vincenzi’s journey from Italy to Los Angeles, his passion for cinematography, and the establishment of Film33 Studios showcase his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. As he continually evolves as a cinematographer, displaying work represented by his distinctive visual style, audiences worldwide can eagerly anticipate the captivating progress and future work that Riccardo Vincenzi and Film33 Studios are engaged to deliver in the world of cinema.

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