Stride from the Dark Pits to Broad Daylight – Carina Remi’s Illuminating Life Story of Self-Discovery

As we traverse the intricate paths of life, it’s easy to assume that what lies behind closed doors is a flawless portrait. However, the truth often holds deeper complexities, known only to those who have personally experienced them. Such is the extraordinary life of Carina Remi, a Mindfulness and Spiritual practitioner and a true Thought Leader. Delving into her captivating history unveils the essence of who she has become today.

Hailing from a distinguished Portuguese lineage encompassing remarkable entrepreneurs and accomplished individuals, enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle. The professional endeavors were prosperous, and her family’s business thrived and still thrives, making hard work a fundamental value cherished by all family members.

As much as Carina’s life looked like the epitome of perfection on the outside, she had to face circumstances that tarnished her soul. The behaviors and circumstances in her environment affected her, igniting the spark of change in her. Whether it was the precedence given to men over women, the pressure to bow the head to all the inequality in the name of gratitude, or the stringent guidelines in terms of career options, along with both the societal pressures and cultural ideology, everything was jeopardizing Carina’s mental health, pushing her toward much-needed liberty.

This oppression led her towards darker coping mechanisms before she could grasp a better, more enlightened way of dealing with this constant battle between her inner world and outer life. Prior to the epiphany of progressing in the direction the universe had aligned her with to illuminate using her experiences, she had to face tougher inner battles like substance abuse and self-harm. But she was aware that this couldn’t be her permanent state of life. 

She gave the nod to becoming a rebel and the problem child. Carina knew she had to find herself and create a life aligned with her identity. Her quest to break generational trauma began 8 years ago when a surge of motivation late at night led her to create her WordPress website and the content that she needed to bring to the public eye. 

From the days that started at 6 am and the nights that fell at 3 am, her determination, relentless routine and sheer focus never left her side. It took her three days to create the website and two weeks to create the initial content. These zealous advancements continued for as long as she reached her envisioned destination. Summing up her struggles, she says, “So the journey has very much been a dry one, but the blessing is that nothing ever goes unnoticed, especially when you are determined. And when refuse to give up on your dreams, the universe is bound to give you everything you worked for and more.”

However, it was precisely this journey of pain and turmoil that propelled Carina toward self-discovery. Her early life experiences became the cornerstone of her success as a Mindfulness and Spiritual practitioner and a revered Thought Leader. Today, she has fostered a thriving community called Soul Tribe, guiding individuals to reconnect with their true selves and embrace their authenticity.

Carina is also giving back to the community through her words, spoken and written right from the soul, and meant to touch other souls in the form of books and blogs.
“Interesting enough, I wouldn’t change any of it; it made me who I am today. And for that, I’m extremely thankful.” Get in touch with her inspiring journey full of gratitude and self-awareness through her Instagram.

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