Twin Cities artist EB Marie hits hard with her new single Click Clack

EB Marie delivers another great single to start her 4th quarter off after having a stellar spring and summer of 2023 after releasing her songs: Star & Very Freaky Girl, she comes back with a street banger titled Click Clack. Click Clack delivers dope street dialect and crafty metaphors in a somewhat battle rap style track that sounds like she is throwing heavy challenges to those that despise her hustle and grind. 

This time she delivers a less risque visual as compared to her videos Star and Very Freaky Girl. EB Marie puts her street swag on and hits her East Side Saint Paul stomping grounds where she grew up, giving us a raw visual and track of what she truly arrives from. By the lingo in this track you can tell EB Marie is no powder puff; She’s a real tough cookie. 

As EB Marie gets prepared to hit the studio and record her very first full length studio album that will be distributed on the EMPIRE platform for Real Deal Ent and GT Digital, i don’t think her fans will be let down with what she will deliver this winter. 

EB Marie recently did a wild performance in Los Angeles at Payday L.A and shocked the crowd with a flamboyant performance that can only be described as wow with sexy subs on leashes and dope tracks that noone has ever heard or experienced , as the host said: “you have to see an EB Marie performance with your own eyes live to believe it.” 

EB Marie is definitely the next big female artist to come out the midwest and her lyrical versatility is more than just sex rap, in fact she could hold her own with some of the elite rappers today rather it be sexual content, trap, conscious rap and she even can sing r&b if needed. 

Click the video link provided and go check her work out, she walks down every track she’s on and you’ll definitely add her to your playlist and favorites.

EB Marie – Click Clack

Facebook: EB Marie

IG: @iameb_marie

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